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The Vineyard

Located in Belfiore, at the very heart of the Doc Lison production area in Pramaggiore, the Ca’Valent vineyard extends over an area of approx. ten hectares alongside the Loncon canal.

The medium sized vineyard makes it easier for particular care to be taken in the cultivation of the vines, where all the seasonal work gets carried out in painstaking detail without massive and indiscriminate interventions being necessary.

The Ca’Valent vineyard is equipped with a modern underground irrigation system; besides which, commitment to renewing these prestigious vines is constant, this making it always possible for us to offer fresh and genuine wines endowed with organoleptic characteristics.

Az. Agr. Valent Romeo di Valent Ezio
  • Via Lison, 32 - 30020 - Belfiore di Pramaggiore (VE) - Italia
  • +39 0421 799214