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The Cellar

The Ca’Valent cellar is born in the Veneta province, in a village called Belfiore immersed in uncontaminated greenery, where thanks to Romeo Valent’s great passion for wine-making, production started in 1948.

Nowadays Romeo’s heritage has passed to Ezio, who, with the support of his wife Rossella, keeps the family tradition alive, cultivating the family vineyards and producing genuine and prestigious wines.

Work in the cellar gets done scrupulously, supported by state-of-the-art technology, allowing a product of assured value to be created, but with, above all, absolutely natural

Our lean and white lands, mainly consisting of clay and over-compacted sand (caranto), give us a wine of the highest quality, inspiring us and spurring us on to continue improving our wines’ production to maximum heights.

Totally natural red and white wines, sparkling “Spumanti”, the results of a passion that has been handed down through generations.

Az. Agr. Valent Romeo di Valent Ezio
  • Via Lison, 32 - 30020 - Belfiore di Pramaggiore (VE) - Italia
  • +39 0421 799214