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The cellar dates back to the end of the Second World War.
Romeo Valent, the founder, returning from captivity in Czechoslovakia after the war, started the family wine-making activity together with Maria (also called Arcelia), his lifelong companion.
Those were the pioneering years, distinguished by courage and hard work, when time was divided between work in the fields and dedication to the growing family of six children.

The activity developed and with it Romeo’s commitment to the public and economic life of the district, where he effectively contributed towards the creation of a consortium for the protection of the Lison/Pramaggiore DOC wines.
Romeo worked assiduously, reaching 93 years of age, passing on his passion for the wine-making trade and the production of prestigious wines to his son Ezio.

Nowadays, thanks to the moral and cultural values handed down by his family, Ezio and his wife Rossella, manage the Ca’ Valent cellar.
Romeo’s precious heritage has nowadays been taken up by Valent who continues to cultivate the family estate, producing totally authentic and natural wines.
With commitment and dedication, the family tradition is kept alive together with love for what the land bestows on us. In memory of Romeo and Arcelia, Ezio has created two wines of supreme quality, bearing their names.

Az. Agr. Valent Romeo di Valent Ezio
  • Via Lison, 32 - 30020 - Belfiore di Pramaggiore (VE) - Italia
  • +39 0421 799214